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Watch this spot for information on memorabilia, smallwares

Frozen soups and Equipment sales in early December.

Finally Friday  November 17,  2017 :  We will have the following:


  • Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
  • Chicken Vegetable
  • Three Bean Chili with Cheese and Chips

SPECIALTY SOUP: Shrimp  Bisque or

Brunswick Stew



Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce

Strawberry Shortcake  (if available)

Pumpkin Pecan Sticky Cake with Ice Cream and Praline Sauce


Thank You
With mixed emotions Genevieve and I would like to announce our retirement and subsequent closing of Sunshine Garden Café effective Wednesday at 3 o’clock on November 22nd. After 29 years we are ready to move on to the next phase of our life. We will always cherish the good times, the good people and the many friends we’ve made over the past three decades.

We would like to thank all past employees and especially our present employees who have been instrumental in our success through their hard work and dedication. We have been fortunate to work with many fine and talented individuals, whom we owe a debt of gratitude. We wish you all the very best.

We would like to thank our many loyal and faithful customers whose business has made our success possible. We appreciate your thinking of us when it’s time for lunch. We wish you continued success and happiness in your personal and professional endeavors.

We would also like to thank VP John Porter of Baptist Hospital and his staff for his help and cooperation that has allowed us to stay open the last several years. And a special thanks to all the Baptist employees who have supported us.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Years.

Bon Appetite,
David and Genevieve

To all our Loyal Customers,

We would like to inform you at this time that David and I
Have decided to retire and will close the Café on Wednesday
Afternoon, November 22nd, after 29 years of operation.

We would like you to know that it has been a pleasure to meet
You, to get to know your names and your jobs. To learn about
Your children and grand children. We will miss you and be for-
ever grateful that you helped to turn our dream into a reality.

One of our main goals was to serve great food, desserts, soups
and specials at reasonable prices on a consistent basis. To hear
your compliments on one of those crazy, busy and
exhausting days was especially appreciated. We thank you for
your kind words, friendly smile and repeat business.
If you haven’t already we ask that you sign our guest book and
Record your thoughts and memories of the Café.

Thank you so much for every thing. We wish all of you the very best.

Genevieve and David

Please call or fax your lunch orders.  At this time we are unable,

to accept any orders on line or through email.  Thanks.


Quarts of Soup are available to take home for dinner!!

Gallons of Gumbo and Shrimp Bisque are Available for your dinner or Parties!!


We are Celebrating our Twenty-Ninth year of quality food and service.

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